Kristen Stewart Is Going To Drive To Russia

Kristen Stewart continued her Twilight “I don’t give a shit” tour last night, appearing on Letterman, who, as we might expect, does not suffer spoiled young Hollywood fools lightly. After Kristen does her insecure distancing thing (“I have a bit of an authority issue.” “I’m actually really boring,” etc.), Dave chastises her for not yet finishing high school and she tells him she’s “entirely self-indulgent.” David Letterman doesn’t indulge the self-indulgent, though, so when Kristen announces with as much self-satisfaction as someone with so little charisma can muster, that as soon as she’s done promoting Twilight “I’m not sure if we end up in London or Berlin but wherever we end up…I’m going to DRIVE TO RUSSIA!” Dave pauses for effect and says “I hope it’s Berlin, then.” And Kristen squirms confusedly while the audience roars. Most uncomfortable Letterman moment since Spencer Pratt! It’s at the 5:00 mark:

She got schooled.