Another Stark Reminder Of How Performance Art Is The Worst

It’s 2008, you guys. Making fun of performance art is like building a time machine and shooting old fish in a past barrel. There is no confusion on the subject of performance art. We’re all in agreement. Hatred of performance art is the glue that holds this nation together. But just because we all feel confident in our shared position towards performance art and David Sedaris wrote an essay about in back when he was good doesn’t mean that it isn’t still going on. At least in Poland. Like this woman PERFORMING FELLATIO ON A MICROPHONE?! It is categorized on YouTube as “music,” I guess because there is no category for “Warden of Barf Jail.”


The most upsetting part of this whole video is at the end when it pulls back to show all those people watching her without any kind of sticks or weapons in their hands. It’s almost as if they don’t plan to beat her to death when she’s done.