Fired Up Is So Many Other Movies It Will Blow Your Mind

Fired Up (March 2008) stars Jan’s hot assistant from The Office (Nicholas D’Agosto, who really needs to be a star, like, soon) as one of two popular football players who decides to go to cheerleader camp to try to get girls. Do they learn lessons along the way?:

While I applaud the lack of Just One Of The Guys drag in this movie, I’m a little fuzzy on exactly what mix of other movies it is. There’s Bring It On, of course, a little bit of Wedding Crashers, and probably something like Step Up 2: The Streets? It seems something really obvious is missing (crowdsourcing!) One thing is certain: when it comes to the coaches and teachers, the gang is most assuredly all there, plus Kath And Kim’s John Michael Higgins, fulfilling his destiny as a perfect teen-movie coach.