2008 Gummy Awards: The Second Most Important Vote Of 2008

Our sister site, Stereogum, is now entering its third year of Annual Gummy Awards in which the readers can vote on their Favorite Haircut on a Lead Singer of a Whinycore Band or whatever. We here at Videogum are contractually obligated to want to be in on the fun so we’ve developed a few categories of our own.

  • Best Movie
  • Best TV Show
  • Best Web Video

We really went crazy with the categories. Sorry! We know it’s a little overwhelming.

The way it works is simple. You simply go to and enter in your votes for Stereogum’s music categories and our video ones. For easy funtimes, there’s a drop down menu of suggested titles just to make the inevitable paper ballot recount easier, but if we’ve somehow forgotten something, like your favorite reality show Fart in My Mom’s Food, or whatever, feel free to write it in. The only category that is limited to our pre-determined nominees is Web Video, and let us explain: For one, many web videos do not have systematized names, and that would make the inevitable paper ballot recount way harder. For two, being able to hyperlink the names makes it easier to refresh your memory of what each video actually is, because there are too many of them anyway, and you probably forgot. As a sidenote, in compiling the Web Videos nominees we decided not to include any TV commercials, like Baby Wee Wee, because while great, it seemed weird to give a professional ad, however ridiculous, an award in a category overwhelmingly dedicated to strange content created by stranger individuals. We also decided not to include any videos featuring children, because haven’t they suffered enough? For those of you hoping to vote for Box Cat, Ninja Cat, or Slinky Cat, just vote for Christian the Lion, the President of Cats. He’ll get the job done.

One randomly selected entrant will receive CDs of the Top 50 Best Album winners, courtesy of Beck’s, and a To Be Determined Videogum-Related Prize. Probably Paradise Hotel 2 on DVD! Just kidding! Something better! (There’s something better? That’s why it’s TBD!) one year subscription to Netflix. So use your real e-mail address in the form so we can contact you if you win. One vote per person, and voting closes 12/2, which Lindsay would like to point out is also Britney’s birthday. Meaningful!

Coming soon: details on the Gummy Awards live event in NYC.