Britney Spears Dances The Pain Away

There are two new official clips from the Britney Spears’s Album Is Coming Out So Here’s More Personal Shit From Her Life special, airing November 30. This first one is about how therapy is for suckers who don’t have backup dancers, y’all:

I know that making fun of Britney in any way is passe, because she’s Crazy Putty Teflon now, but if they still had email signatures I think mine this week would be:

“For me, art is therapy because you’re expressing yourself in such a spiritual way. Sometimes you don’t need to use words to go through what you need to go through. Sometimes it’s an emotion that you need to feel when you dance that you need to touch on and the only thing that can touch it is when you move a certain way.”

After the jump, Britney explains how her marriage went wrong. It was filmed in Burbank, CA, on Opposite Day, 2008.

That’s your girl– oh, nevermind. We’re all going to watch this when it airs on TV. I GIVE UP.