Paul Rudd’s Angry Fake Little Brother

Last night, during my nightly internet-scouring for Paul Rudd-related media, I found some videos by this dude who claims to be Paul Rudd’s unacknowledged younger brother, Doug. So far he’s posted three videos on YouTube and Funny Or Die, but they don’t seem to have gotten much attention. There’s a copycat screensaver, a ranty “review” of Role Models, and here’s the latest, where “Doug Rudd” explodes at Paul for not getting him tickets to SNL:

Before I found this guy’s MySpace page, I did some Paul Rudd autobiographical digging to see if he has a brother (nope, just a sister.) The guy pretending to be his brother is an aspiring actor in L.A. of some sort named Doug Bass, who appears to be harmlessly capitalizing on someone at some point having told him he looks like Paul Rudd. So don’t worry: Paul is safe from fraternal stalkers. (And I learned that his original last name was “Ruddnitzky!“)