Gabe And Max Are Your Boyfriends Part Deux: Beauty Tips

A few weeks ago, some of us learned that Gabe, the boy-editor of Videogum, has an alter ego (also named Gabe, and they’re exactly alike) in the funny-video-team Gabe And Max, along with wunderkind comedian Max Silvestri. In the first video for their Details series, Gabe And Max’s Guide To Man Style, they introduced us to the four golden pillars of looking fine. In their second, the two show us the beauty tips every man should know, including the little-observed technique of man hand care (“Hands are the doorknobs to the soul.”) And also, cologne:

Gabe & Max’s Guide to Man Style #2: Beauty Tips:

My favorite part is the hair gel sound effects. The rest of the Gabe And Max oeuvre can be found here: Gabe And Max Are Your Boyfriends.