How I Met Your Mother: The Opposite Of “Woooo!”

How many ways are there to say this show is going downhill? A show that initially seemed to want to be a cross between Friends and Cheers (or, well, Friends with drinking) has lately morphed into some sort of Sex And The City/Two And A Half Men hybrid, exploring “love, sex and dating and relationships” or whatever with tired cliches and big guest stars. The ratings are going up, but the show’s fan base can’t be holding on much longer. There were two good things about last night’s episode, “Wooo,” and one totally horrible one that couldn’t help but make me wonder: is Candace Bushnell writing for this once-funny show?

The Good: How I Met Your Mother acknowledges the existence of Mad Men:

The Good: Jamie Lynn Sigler’s cameo as a “Woo girl.” (Between this and Entourage, she’s everywhere this week!)

The Gross And Terrible: Robin’s translation of what the Woo girls are really thinking:

Hey, this show: remember when you used to surprise your audience? Try doing that again! And a lot of people have said this, but this show can’t rely on Barney’s misogyny for laughs anymore. It used to be funny, but now it’s just old (and sad.)