One Man’s Best Beatboxer Ever Is Another Man’s Holy Shit We’re All Going To Die

(ejb via gorillamask)

Everywhere that I’ve seen this video, they’re calling this guy the best beatboxer ever. Oh really? If this guy is even real, then why isn’t he living in a golden penthouse on top of a candy skyscraper drinking coca cola out of honeycomb goblets? Admittedly, my idea of the good life might have stopped developing around the third grade, BUT NEVERTHELESS. This man is incredible, and he should not be wandering the public parks like some kind of itinerant sex worker. No, there’s only one explanation for the discrepancy between his heavenly talent and his earthly appearance. It is a disguise that allows him to move through human society unnoticed as he collects data and sends it back to his home world. We are all doomed. The creatures of planet Awesometron-5 are about to invade Earth on, like, probably hoverboards or maybe something even better than hoverboards, wearing the coolest spacesuits and being so talented and interesting that we all die of insignificance. Goodbye!