When Your Mom Ricky Gervaises Around The House, She REALLY Ricky Gervaises Around The House

In the run up to this weekend’s Ricky Gervais stand up special on HBO, Out of England, there was a subway ad that featured him wearing a crown and a cape. Now, I didn’t want to say anything because I figured we had to wait and see what happened in the actual special, but something in the ads seemed off, to say the least.

Well, the special has aired, and now I know that I was not mistaken.

Not to get too jezebelgum or anything, but let’s face facts here. We’ve all seen The Office (UK) and Extras and countless late night interview segments, and there’s one thing that all of those had in common that’s different from the poster for Gervais’s stand up special, because at the end of the day, this:

does not look like this:


The thing is, Ricky Gervais isn’t even “fat,” he’s just overweight. So this heavy use of the Photoshop “Skinny” filter seems excessive. Besides, it’s specifically Gervais’s sympathetic body type that allows him to go on extended riffs like this:

Anyway, this is going to be really huge. Totally blew it wide open. Delahaydge siren all over this one, guys.