SNL: Just The Funny Parts: Paul Rudd Naked!

Paul Rudd hosted SNL! And for some reason, Justin Timberlake showed up to try and steal some of the spotlight even though he has nothing to promote except his ability to, while doing absolutely nothing else in his life except going to restaurants with Jessica Biel, memorize things. (That’s probably not fair, fine, I just wish Timberlake had chosen that sad Michael Phelps episode in which to rear his irrelevant head.) Every moment of screentime needed more Rudd in it, not less. After the jump, the funniest parts:

5. Sproingo — the ED treatment that tells you when it’s working:

4. The Kissing Family — I guess the laughs here are kind of cheap, but if you think of it as commentary on TV standards it adds another layer:

3. Justin Timberlake does SNL in two minutes. Fine, this was funny:

2. (Update: back up!) Paul directs Beyonce’s backup dancers. Especially notable for Paul’s dancing at the end!:

1. The Digital Short: Everyone’s A Critic: AKA, Paul Rudd Naked Sketch!:

When this first came on I was like “Yes!” and then I felt like some sort of weird old lady pervert cougar type person, and then I decided I’m fine with that. That is the power of Paul Rudd.