Heaven Didn’t Just Get A Little More Miley Cyrus

Someone hacked Miley Cyrus’s YouTube account this weekend and posted this video. You know, as a goof.

PRANKS! Yuck. If this is proof of anything, it’s that pranks are the worst. I defy you to think of a funny prank. DEFY! They’re all horrible, misguided, small, and unfortunate. Like the rest of Ashton Kutcher’s legacy. Anyway, she’s not dead, you guys. From MTV:

Miley Cyrus has been targeted by another sick internet hacker, who claimed that the Hannah Montana star had died – this is yet another internet hoax and is totally false.

This new sick incident follows the news that the FBI raided the house of a teen hacker who had circulated pictures of the young actress on the internet.

So don’t worry, just to clarify Miley Cyrus is NOT dead or hurt even – this is just the work of sad people!

Haha. On the one hand, this whole thing is weird and sad and I only hope that it didn’t cause too much stress to our 12-year-old girl readership (i.e. our readership) this weekend, but on the other hand, NEW FAVORITE CATEGORY.