30 Rock: Jennifer Aniston Is “Crazy Putty”

I checked. is already taken (and so is the other one.) But that’s pretty much the only bad news about last night’s 30 Rock, “The One With The Cast Of Night Court” (Friends reference!) and guest-star Jennifer Aniston. Stunt casting usually sucks, but this season of 30 Rock has already taken it to a whole other, not a synonym-for-bad-anymore level. If you’re reading this, you’ve already watched or planned to watch the whole thing (riiight?), but here’s Liz’s discovery of Jen and Jack’s shenanigans and Jen’s crazy birthday song moment. Crazy putty!

When you think about it, it’s kind of weird for chicks to have nicknamed their friend “crazy-pussy,” but I still love jokes that get around the censors. (Also: F Train — two new catchphrases in one clip!):

And the Birthday Song scene — I love what she does with her voice at the end:

Also, the cast of Night Court was re-united, which might be a breach of Warner Brothers’ intellectual property. So meta! (You can, of course, watch the whole episode here.)