It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Charlie Day Is A Genius

Next week is the season finale already! I think that the shortened seasons help this show to remain “fresh.” It means that “the gang” only has to come up with a dozen premises per season, rather than the 22, or whatever, that most mainstream sitcoms and dramas have. And while I’m sure that the Always Sunny Police who take issue with any criticism of a show that, frankly, is completely open to tons of it, will not enjoy my saying so, but I’m happy to see the season end. I don’t mean that in a negative way, Sunnyheads, so RELAX. But this show is best in small doses. The characters are too cruel and the jokes are too farty to have to live with these guys for too long.

Although, I could live with Charlie Day forever. He’s not just a funny little irascible monkey, he is also a brilliant inventor! On last night’s episode, the gang selfishly (natch) decided that in order to get what they wanted using The Secret, they had to perform a good deed, so they kidnapped a family and destroyed their home under the guise of bringing Extreme Home Makeover to Philadelphia. Sitcoms. Remember when Lucy ate all those chocolates on the conveyor belt? Anyway, Mac and Dee are in charge of making over the family, while Dennis and Charlie take on home renovations, and it’s there that Charlie had his stroke of genius:

TACO BED! Now before you say that this is racist, because you are going to say that, because it is crazy racist, stop and think about how much you want a taco bed. I love two things: I love sleeping, and I love tacos. But never has science created a way to enjoy both of those things at the same time. Cramazing.