NSFW: Vagina Power Is Going Viral

Alexyss K. Tylor is already an internet sensation with YouTube clips from her Atlanta area cable access show about modern sexuality, Vagina Power. Duh. But apparently she’s moving to the web with a series of EXCLUSIVE “episodes” of Vagina Power created specifically for an on-line audience. You know, for the Superfans.

Her first episode is about handicapped sex, a subject she’s always been interested in. She really gets to the bottom of things by finding one handicapped guy, and asking him a bunch of questions in his kitchen about his feelings on genital hygiene. Did you know that all handicapped people prefer a bald vagina and are thinking about going to cosmetology school to study pussy shaving? Yup. Science.

(via dlisted)

Sex is beautiful and human nature or whatever, but Alexyss K. Tylor reminds us that it’s also ugh-iful, and seriously?