Radiohead And Troll 2: A Mashup Made In Heaven

There are three things that Internet People love: Radiohead (or The Subject Thereof), Troll 2, and Mashups (still? yes, still.) So it’s a FREAKING MIRACLE that this video realization of Thom Yorke’s “inspiration” for “Fake Plastic Trees” has existed quietly on YouTube for five whole months with only a few hundred views. Until today:

They had me at the watering can. Seriously, do you know how few views that is? It’s suspiciously few. It’s the exact number of views that a blank screen tagged “radiohead” OR “troll 2″ would get in five months. It’s almost like there was some sort of Big Event going on during the past five months that distracted Internet People from what was truly important. (Via Fey Friends.)