Rich Kid, Poor Kid: The Up Series Meets The Hills?

A new documentary in the UK called Rich Kid, Poor Kid introduces two teenage girls from vastly different socio-economic backgrounds who happen to live on the same street in London. This is the promo for it. It’s…so…Hills-like! Aaaah, no:

Is it the gum-snapping? The inane chatter punctuated by moments of undermining? Or is, it, more likely, the direction and editing that makes it so reminiscent of LC and the gang (who, being in their mid-20’s, hardly have an excuse.) This is just the initial meeting, and a Guardian article praising the documentary gets into further detail about how Natalie and Alice learn to understand each other on some level, but as a fan of this documentary’s ancestor, Michael Apted’s The Up Series, I was expecting something…different.