The Muppets Take The The Today Show’s Last Shred Of Dignity

(We know this is two posts in a row about The Today Show, but this morning’s muppet takeover cannot be ignored just because of a Tracy Morgan promise.) The Today Show has been taking on some odd in-show sponsorships lately (like A Very Creepy Halloween sponsored by The Tale Of Desperaux), but after this morning’s Muppet takeover, it’s clear the show’s number one sponsor is the Everyone Should Get Stoned In The Morning Campaign (Prop 8:20). This is not an online-only outtake. This actually aired all over America. In people’s homes, with children watching:

I understand that the media is facing hard times right now, what with the economy and the sudden absence of sensational real news post-election, but what makes these Today Show stunts so creepy are the sexual undertones. Why did Meredith Vieira, a journalist, get frisked by a wand-wielding bear? Why did Christopher Meloni get tied up by Miss Piggy? Does sex really sell FAO Schwartz muppet toys and animated kids movies? Or is it all just creepy bait to get people talking and watching (if so, whoops, I keep falling for it.) By the way, that’s not it. There’s a lot more.