Will Sir Richard Branson Buy Himself A Cameo In Quantum Of Solace?

I watched Casino Royale again last night, because Quantum of Solace comes out this weekend and I wanted to make sure that I don’t miss any buried Easter Eggs for the Superfans. Anyway, that movie is great! Well, let’s be honest, parkour is great. But Casino Royale totally rides parkour’s extreme coattails to greatness. Or does it scale parkour’s coattails without any safety equipment? ANYWAY, do you remember the scene where James Bond has to stop a terrorist from blowing up a brand new jumbo jet, and they have an extreme fight inside of a speeding fuel truck on the tarmac? Nuts! Be careful, James Bond! But right before that excitement, when James Bond and the villain were casually passing through airport security as if they weren’t about to go NUTS to the MAX, I noticed that one of the other passengers made a really big deal of turning and looking directly at the camera. And then I realized that he looked familiar, like an old billionaire I used to know. About. Know about. Is that Richard Branson?

Haha, yes it is! It’s funny because he owns his own tropical island.

Supposedly the guy with the guitar is his son. I did some research online and apparently he did a favor for the production by sending a Virgin Airways jet to Prague for some reason, and in return he asked if he could just do a small cameo. Man, they weren’t kidding! That is a very small cameo. These James Bond dudes don’t fuck around. Just give them the jet, please. Here, have a day old bagel from craft services. No, YOU are welcome. But my favorite part of that story is this:

Virgin supremo Richard Branson is “somehow missing” from the version of Casino Royale shown on British Airways flights, the Telegraph reports.

In the full-fat film, a short cameo shows the multi-trillionaire “passing through a security arch at Miami airport”. This proved too much for BA’s in-flight entertainment team, which “vets films on grounds of taste and suitability before allowing them to be shown”, and Branson duly hit the cutting room floor.

A BA spokesman confirmed that changes had been made to the film, and rather marvellously explained: “All films are screened…we want to ensure they contain no material that might upset our customers.”

British Airways cut out his boring cameo? Best. They didn’t want to upset their customers is all. It’s all about the customers. One minute you get lazy in editing out competing airline entrepreneurs from your in-flight films, the next minute your customers are like fuck this…

Another dissatisfied British Airways customer who just before blowing up himself and 284 other passengers shouted “BE MORE CAREFUL WITH THE BILLIONAIRE CAMEOS, PLEASE, COMPANY.”

Anyway, everyone is curious (Everyone! So curious!) whether or not Sir Richard Branson will have another stiff-looking silent cameo in the new movie. Just look for someone who clearly has his blocking marked out on the floor in day-glo tape and who looks straight into the camera as he does something weird.