What Happened To The Live Puppy Feed?!

A tipster just informed us of some potentially devastating news: the live puppy feed has either been hacked, is (hopefully) just on a break, or — or — and this is really hard, guys, or the moment we all knew would come has come: the puppies have been weaned and sold off to the great Zuckerman’s farm that is the international puppy trade. This is what now appears on the live puppy feed page (supposedly, you also see a soccer game when you go to one version of the page, but I haven’t found that):

Now is the time to come together. We all have to hold our chins up and think “What would Fern Arable do?” Those were some puppies. (Thanks for the sad tip, Liz!)
UPDATE: It appears, for now, to be back. But I think we all know what’s coming.