The Ten Best MadTV Sketches Of All Time (RIP, MadTV)

Gabe and I were saddened to learn today that MadTV, the show that taught us all the lesson that it’s actually better to just watch the news in that awkward Saturday night 11-11:30 time slot after prime time but before SNL, has been, apparently, cancelled. So we put together a little montage of MadTV’s ten best moments:

Aww. But seriously, I’m really going to miss my favorite thing to say when a friend brags on Twitter about getting into the SNL after-after party, which was “Just left the MadTV after-after party. Keegan-Michael Key is even taller than I thought!” I’ll also miss MadTV whenever a good show is canceled or a superior movie goes straight to DVD, because I won’t be able to say “And yet MadTV remains on the air…”

So long, MadTV. I know you probably did have some good moments, and that a lot of teenagers still liked you. But the rest of us won’t have you to kick around anymore.