Fonzworth Bentley To Host New VH1 Reality Show, From Gents To Jail

Uh oh. Two of the contestants from From G’s to Gents have been arrested. From TMZ:

Shane Coyle was arrested yesterday in Lee County, Fla. for violating the terms of a probation issued in 2007 — the year he was busted for drugs AND a robbery. Coyle was supposed to stay within a court-ordered maximum radius — think dog on a chain — but was picked up on an October 28 warrant for allegedly overstepping his boundaries.

Markice “Kesan” Moore — the lesser of two evils — was popped on November 3 in Cobb County, Ga. for an improper lane change and driving without a license.

Kesan was released on bond by the (get this!) “Bond James Bond Co.” Cee will stay in the pokey until his November 24 date with a judge.

That just goes to show, it’s like they always say, you can take the G out of the hood, but you can’t take the G to the business meeting with your “Japanese associates” because he will embarrass you and be up for elimination at that week’s “Club Meeting” and it won’t matter whether or not he remembers the rules to Cricket or which one is his bruschetta fork, and later something something boom boom you’re a goon, go to jail. REAL TALK.