Oh Man, Remember Lil’ Bill O’Reilly?

Is it just me, or does political humor seem like something from the distant past? I know that this is a quickly passing phase, but seriously, that shit is quaint. It all sounds like Joe the Plumber jokes now. All of it. Joe the Plumber. Who cares. You can’t even tell Joe the Plumber to go to jail because he’d get there and the warden would be like “Who’s that?” and you’d be like “I don’t remember.” There’s serious work to be done. And that dumb dumb is going back to Texas. No, political humor, at the moment, is like making fun of an ice cream flavor you haven’t tried yet. (Wait, what? No, that’s exactly right. I’m really nailing it today. If they gave out awards for metaphors, they would have to stop giving out awards, because I would have them all. Wait, what? No, that’s exactly right.) So let’s get off political humor because I just got off yours. (Man, this is basically the single most perfect blog post ever. It’s like a fractal. Mathematically perfect. God’s beauty written on the face of the Internet.)

But before we do, let’s take one last look at Lil Bill O’Reilly, because that kid is kind of the best.

(via Cajun Boy)

Huh. I never realized that was a segment on a late night talk show. Although somehow I feel that’s more Spike Feresten’s problem then mine. How about we’re both fired.

The best thing about the cyclical nature of politics, and the concurrently cyclical nature of political humor, is that when we do return to our natural state of frustration and disappointment with our flawed system and flawed-er leaders, “more gays than Kevin Spacey has in his pillow fight room” will still be hilarious. Call back!