Roger Moore Thinks Your Music Is Just Noise

Sir Roger Moore, who played James Bond in seven films from 1973 to 1985, had some pretty harsh words to say about the direction the character has taken under Daniel Craig’s guardianship. From Reuters:

“I am happy to have done it, but I’m sad that it has turned so violent,” Moore said before “Quantum of Solace,” starring Daniel Craig as a darker Agent 007, opens in North America on Friday.

“That’s keeping up with the times, it’s what cinema-goers seem to want and it’s proved by the box-office figures,” Moore told Reuters in an interview about his memoir, “My Word is My Bond.”

Awww. Added Moore, “I think Werther’s Originals are overrated. I’m a Bit ‘O Honey man myself. Want one? My elastic-band trouser pockets are full of them. Here, hold my cane.” It’s only natural as one ages to feel like the world no longer speaks to you, because mostly it doesn’t. And for the most part Roger Moore is probably right. The world is oversaturated with desensitized images of graphic violence. Although, Casino Royale isn’t exactly Hostel 3: Full Throttle, but I am saying the Knight Commander of the English Empire has a point. But it’s going to happen to all of us, the slow fade into irrelevance. Our engagement with popular culture will be replaced by hard-earned wisdom, and a softened appreciation for the travails of a life fully lived. For some of us, it’s already started. Fred and Miley Cyrus and Twilight are proof of that. I’m just glad that I was born late enough to have an appreciation of parkour before I turned into a grumpy old fart-scented fossil. Parkour is bodacious, right homies?