The Best Costume Guy Strikes Again, Arrested Development Style

(Yes, Halloween was over a week ago, but a lot of things happened in the world.) So, on the day before H’ween, I posted what I think is the best movie-based costume ever — a papier mache re-creation of Lloyd Dobler’s classic Say Anything scene, by a guy named Jon from Toronto, and suggested that if somehow he saw this he should send in this year’s costume. Well he did, and he did, and it’s another work of pop-culture-costuming art:

It’s Gob Bluth and his little buddy, Franklin!:

Says the mysterious Jon from Toronto:

I had my chest painted (Queen of Hearts) and a pocket full of pennies (for Pennies from Heaven) although I forgot to use them. Started at a party and went to a bar. Walking down the street, people were driving by and yelling out their windows “We love you Frankliiiiiin…”

I now have a new cultural stereotype: Canadians make the best Halloween costumes.