The Doctors Explore The “Trend” Of Vodka Tampons

Have you seen this new-ish daytime show, The Doctors? Basically, The Doctors is like The View, only with doctors. But the doctors aren’t any smarter than the women on The View, the way you would think doctors would be! I’m not suggesting that anyone actually watch it – watch it, but if you’re home sick and looking to shake things up, I highly recommend The Doctors. Today, BWE put up this insane-seeming, yet completely representative clip from the show about how kids are supposedly putting alcohol in their holes. Drinking game: every time the lady doctor says “Destroy the vagina,” insert a vodka-soaked tampon:

The best thing about The Doctors is every show is exactly like that: the perpetuation of crazy lies. Nobody is putting vodka-soaked tampons in her vagina. Nobody is funneling beer into their butts, much less “kids.” Possibly one person ever did either of those things, but now like 50,000 stay-at-home moms are going to have “The Vodka-Soaked Tampon Talk” with their kids tonight. That show is the best.