Scientists Take A Picture Of This Dead Pig Every Few Seconds For Hours

I’ve put this timelapse film of a pig decomposing (via afrojacks) after the jump. I recognize that six minutes of watching Mufasa’s circle of life might be too much for many of you. Oh, did I mention that there’s no audio? Yeah, no. Just some silent appreciation for the mildly repulsive indifference of the natural world. But, if you do decide to click through and watch, please note that the only reason I posted it is because it made me think of that stupid “Noah Takes a Picture of Himself Every Day” viral video from a couple years ago, and how it would be really funny if when he died (of natural causes, as an old man, contentedly after a full life of success and happiness) he had it written into his will that the photo project should continue apace and there was a YouTube with 17 billion hits of his face being eaten by worms in time lapse with that pretentious, over-serious piano music playing in the background.