Grey’s Anatomy: Dr. Erica Hahn’s Alternate Ending

We don’t really cover Grey’s Anatomy here, so we totally ignored the still-growing brouhaha over Brooke Smith, who played hard-nosed Dr. Erica Hahn until she was abruptly fired without a real explanation from the show. Lots of people think it’s because ABC suits were uncomfortable with her lesbian relationship with Callie (known to now-outraged fans as “Callica.”) Whatever the reasons, it was an odd decision to do it so abruptly. ANYWAY, this weekend I watched Dr. Hahn’s final show and final scene, and found it to be really lazy and anticlimactic. This is a ridiculous soap opera! A main character’s departure should be more dramatic! So, using my rapier-like video editing skills, I recut the final scene according to what I think the viewers wanted to see: more melodrama! More belabored metaphor!: