The First Of The “Let Me Be The Obamas’ New Puppy” Videos Has Arrived

Comedian and grown up with a job Bex Schwartz is trying to get into the White House to live with the Obamas the only way she thinks she can: by painting her face like a dog, naming herself “Scraps”, and vowing to help solve the economic crisis and institute universal healthcare. She wants to be the new puppy Sasha and Malia earned. Scraps for First Dog!:

Normally, I’d have to say “That’s your girlfriend” now based on the face painting alone, but I love that Bex Schwartz, and maybe if her so-crazy-it just-might-work Trojan Puppy plan gets her into the White House she’ll let me visit. Either way, I want some of what she’s smoking. (Via Bex’s blog.)