The Only Episode Of Inside The Actor’s Studio Anyone Will Watch This Year

I’m not sure which is more incredible, that Inside the Actor’s Studio is still on the air, or that they’re celebrating their 200th episode this Monday. Seriously? I thought the rule was that when something became the basis for a parodic special feature on the Old School DVD it immediately had to go off the air because the end. Anyway, in honor of this milestone, this special episode will feature Dave Chappelle (nice!) in James Lipton’s chair doing the interviewing…of James Lipton (OK!)! I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that on the one hand I don’t care about an interview with James Lipton about my favorite subject in the world (candy!), much less an interview with James Lipton about the subject of James Lipton, but that ON THE OTHER HAND, there is such a poverty of Dave Chappelle these days that we must take what we can get, and what we can get is this weird thing.

There are already some preview clips available on-line, and it’s almost exactly what you might expect. Dave Chappelle continues his tradition of being the only man I can think of who’s allowed to smoke cigarettes during a televised interview, and also does that classic Dave Chappelle thing where what he says is kind of funny but also kind of like “oh, actually you make a really good point, Mr. Chappelle.” Meanwhile, James Lipton is a total caricature of his ridiculous self. The man is a walking SNL sketch. Duh.

OK, Dave Chappelle. The taking some time away from the spotlight to regain your sanity has gone on long enough. Get back up there. James Lipton is the one who probably needs a nice long sabbatical. On account of his being completely nuts.