Demoted Trailer Gets Two Thumbs Way Sideways

Here’s a trailer for a new movie called Demoted starring David Cross, Sean Astin, and Michael Vartan and it looks meh!

This movie just looks like it’s relying a little too much on everyone’s generous good will towards Arrested Development, Office Space, Lord of the Rings, and The Office and not relying enough on actually being funny. Besides, doesn’t this kind of look like that movie The Promotion that just came out? Not that anyone would know because the box office for The Promotion was negative one thousand dollars, but still. If only the entertainment scientists could get their retread combinations right. Evil Tobias Funke taking over Dunder Mifflin feels like well-maybe-even-over-worn territory. Now you put Bilbo Baggins on a quest to make Regional Manager of the Shire’s second largest Weed manufacturer and you’re talking all the awards.