30 Rock: What Was Liz Lemon’s “Sexual Nightmare”?

Last night’s 30 Rock was gangbusters! I’ve already watched it three times. Sometimes I come across a person who doesn’t watch 30 Rock, and I really can’t help but feel sorry for them, because something is wrong with them. The only excuse for not watching 30 Rock is living in the wilderness, and even then you could get a portable DVD player. But I digress: 30 Rock is the best show on TV. But one part is puzzling: what was the plot of Liz Lemon’s Comanaprisil-induced “sexual nightmare”?

What did she say? I initially thought it was “Conan”, one friend thinks it’s “Kermit”, and a third (almost certainly correct) friend turned it up all the way and insists it’s “Grandma.” (Conan would be funniest, though.)

And I thought the part after Jack tests Kenneth in the elevator would make a good video e-card for when someone has something, uh, wrong with them:

Go ahead and send that clip to anyone you know who doesn’t watch 30 Rock.

As usual, the full episode is online. Here it is:

Best quote of the night: Kenneth: “There are only two things I love in this world: everybody, and television.” (New motto!)