Paul Rudd Dances Seductively On The Daily Show

Paul Rudd recovered from his sleepy morning and was full of energy on last night’s Daily Show, even dancing a silly white-man’s-overbite dance that made him winded. Paul Rudd is the best. Special message after the video:

Okay, let’s break it down for a second and address something important. Paul Rudd’s movie, Role Models, directed by David Wain, opens in theaters today. If you’re a fan of Paul Rudd, or of David Wain’s great movies (Wet Hot American Summer, The Ten), it’s your duty to see Role Models on opening weekend so our guys can make even more movies in the future, because that’s how Hollywood works. Let’s all do our part to lift David Wain to Apatovian heights as a filmmaker. I’m seeing Role Models this weekend. Won’t you join me? Yes, we can!