Will 50 Cent Murk The Reality Show Catchphrase?

50 Cent’s reality show, The Money and the Power, starts on MTV tonight, and I couldn’t be more excited. OK, I could be way more excited. It wouldn’t take that much, really. If you offered me half a sandwich that you couldn’t finish I would be slightly more enthusiastic. Well, depending on what type of sandwich it is. Enthusiasm is complicated! BUT ANYWAY, I am very “excited” by the premiere of this show. It’s like 50 Cent’s take on The Apprentice, with one important difference. From the AP:

“Immediately when you say a reality show that has a business spin to it, they think ‘The Apprentice,’ and the difference is these people don’t actually want to work for me,” the 32-year-old said in a recent interview. “They have their own business ideas that they created and they’re competing for $100,000 in seed money.”

The difference is these people don’t want to work for 50 Cent because there’s not a lot of room for professional growth when you start as a ‘blunt runner.’ That’s the only opening in 50 Cent’s operation. As a ‘blunt mogul’, he’s always looking for a good ‘blunt runner’ for his ‘blunt empire.’ Just kidding. Did you know that 50 Cent doesn’t drink or do drugs? It’s true. He’s got to focus on getting that paper/developing those reality shows. You know who else didn’t drink or do drugs? Hitler. Controversial.

But more importantly, there is this from the New York Post:

Like Trump’s show, each week one of the (in this case 14) wannabe-mogul contestants gets booted off, and the winner walks away with $100,000 of Fifty’s money with which to start a business.

But this ain’t no genteel Trump locale and Fifty’s catch phrase is not exactly of the “You’re fired” variety. Unfortunately, I can’t say for sure that it’s “Get the f*& out,” because the screener they sent cut off the last five minutes, but a preview of the scene does seem that way.

Um, 50 Cent’s catchphrase is “Get the fuck out!”? CRAMAZING. If that is true, we’re done here. We can roll reality TV up in the rug, shove it in the trunk of the car, and dump it in the river. Because that’s what you do with something that’s great? Perfect. Get the fuck out.