M.I.A. + Blaqstarr + Marlo Stanfield = Regrets Over The Skinny Jeans Trend

When M.I.A. directed this music video for Blaqstarr performing a cover of Tom Wait’s “Way Down in the Hole,” better known as the theme song to The Wire, all of the scientists were like “Eureeka, we’ve discovered the formula for hipster Viagra.” Oh, scientists. Always with your collective cries of Eureeka!

(via Stereogum)

The fact that M.I.A. claims to have only spent “$9.95″ on the video’s production, and compares the entire project to the election, means that the formula is actually too powerful. All the cool kids are going to be shuffling around uncomfortably all day now, with their painful unsubsiding aesthetic appreciation boners and their Bunk impersonations.