Operation Watch This In The Event That Tonight Proves Stressful

No one really knows what tomorrow holds. We’ve all put a lot of thought and energy into focusing our hopes for the future and our national ideals, which are some of the biggest ideals we have, into the outcome of today’s election. So it’s a very real possibility that many of you might have a difficult time sitting patiently as the results trickle in. Some of the polls don’t close until midnight! (Well just Alaska, OF COURSE, but many other polls close very late still actually!) Now, maybe it will be a quick and painless victory and we can all give each other terrorist fist bumps or whatever. But, in the event that things get a little more tense and nail-bite-y, I’ve posted the following soothing video of a man giving a smooth and soulful tour of Sonic the Hedgehog on easy mode. In the event that you start buggin out, please just take a few minutes and watch this to calm down.

(via David Cho)

Remember: “Sometimes you need to feel strong. You need to believe in yourself. The world is a scary place and you know, if you have to individually defeat everything then you just might might stress yourself out too much. You might have a nervous breakdown. But we’re not going to do that. We’re going to just stay invincible. Because that’s the kind of people we are. We could be heroes. SONIC HEROES.” Indeed.