Fox News Throws A Fit When Forced To Show The Obamas Voting

Barack Obama joined with his wife and daughters to vote for himself (presumably) in this historic election this morning, and Fox News was there — seemingly against their will, as they narrated the segment complaining and whining about how they “weren’t even planning to show Obama today” but because they had to fill air time and McCain wasn’t around, they had to give positive attention to Obama as he (presumably) enjoyed the moment of showing his young daughters how to vote:

The woman was particularly annoying with her hopes that McCain and Palin watch this and do the same thing so they can give them “equal time.” Guess what Fox News, it was 7:50 am, so John McCain wasn’t up yet. Literally. He gets up at 9. And let’s call this what it is: a Fox News temper tantrum about being forced to cover what has been for every other network a symbolic and uncontroversial news event. Whiny. Babies.