Seth MacFarlane Stinks And Should Go To Stink Jail With The Other Stinkers

Obviously, Seth MacFarlane is the worst. We already know that. But the AP has an interview with him today, and it’s kind of like early in the election when Barack Obama had some momentum and enthusiasm behind his campaign but people felt like he hadn’t really done enough to establish where he stood on the issues, so in his speech accepting the Democratic nomination he laid out with some detail a few of his key proposals as if to say, OK, here is a detailed explanation of just why I am the man for the job. It’s like that, but the opposite. Seth MacFarlane wants to make sure that you’re absolutely clear on some of the specific reasons of why he’s running for President of Garbage Town.

Even before they get to the interview, when they’re just explaining who Seth MacFarlane is and why he has 100 million dollars, it’s already the absolute worst.

Clearly, MacFarlane is an Obama man. He did some campaigning for the Democratic presidential candidate, and even took a shot at the Republican competition on “Family Guy.”

In a recent episode, baby Stewie is transported to World War II Germany, clunks a Nazi on the head, steals his uniform, and puts it on. “Hey, there’s something on here,” Stewie says, feeling something on the jacket’s lapel.

Cut to a close-up of a “McCain-Palin” button.

UGH. Even if that was funny, and it’s not, IT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE ANY SENSE. SURPRISE! A show that is horribly unfunny is even less funny when you describe it. Weird. Anyway, let’s get to the interview, and see what Seth MacFarlane has to say about having 100 million dollars.

AP: So, how does $100 million change your life?

MacFarlane: Nothing I can do can really live up to that amount of money on a daily basis, so my view of it … (is that) I gave them all of my 20s, which are irretrievable. (I put my) heart and soul into that show, and, in turn, they give me $100 million. I think that’s fair. One of those is replaceable, the other isn’t.

Right. You put your heart and soul into having your own TV show, so that’s the tradeoff. Poor guy. What? Look, Hollywood decided to give Seth MacFarlane 100 million dollars. Fine. That is Hollywood’s business, not mine (yet). But it’s not like he wasn’t getting paid during his 20s. This wasn’t a labor of love created in the darkness of his parents’ basement. It’s a fucking TV show. What the man lacks in talent he clearly makes up for in false humility. Perfect.

AP: Word is the first thing you bought was a house.

MacFarlane: It’s airy, open. It’s not huge, not palatial. As a graduate of art school, I’m very conscious of the use of space, more than anything else.

AS A GRADUATE OF ART SCHOOL, he’s very conscious of space. Because most people don’t know how to buy nice houses when they have a lot of money. Usually it’s like, “Oh no, I have 100 million dollars but I accidentally bought this dorm room in the sub basement of a parking structure. Whoops, if only I’d gone to art school and was more conscious of space.” This guy. He probably co-founded

AP: Say, 20 years from now, what are you hoping people will think about Seth MacFarlane and “Family Guy”?

MacFarlane: I don’t know. It also depends on what way television standards go. If the FCC continues to put the crunch on everything and things become more conservative, “Family Guy” may be viewed like “All in the Family,” which would be like the greatest thing in the world for me. It’s just about the greatest show there was. … Twenty years from now, if they say the show is still funny, that’s enough for me.”

If in twenty years from now Seth MacFarlane hasn’t been locked inside a steel cage and sunk to the bottom of Whoops Ocean that will be enough for him. The worst.