Fanboys Is Finally Coming Out

A new, totally reworked trailer for Fanboys, the movie about a group of Star Wars fans storming the Skywalker Ranch, is now playing before screenings of Zach And Miri. Fanboys has been sitting on the shelf since long ago (the IMDB official tagline is still listed as “Coming to our galaxy in 2007.”), but in that time, a number of the movie’s stars have become more famous, and the world has become more receptive to geek comedies. Whoever re-did the trailer is a genius, because what looked like a total B comedy (like College) now has the sheen of a potential Superbadish something:

Everyone in my theater cheered at this trailer, though they were admittedly a self-selecting sample group. At the very least, that’s one of the best (and almost self-mocking, considering the reason the movie is finally coming out) credit sequences ever.