Looks Like The Stupid Student Has Become The Stupid Master

There’s an article in the NYDN today about Whitney Port’s adjustment to life in New York, and what people can look forward to (for lack of a better expression) in her new show, The City. Mostly the article is about…how…busy…Whitney is? Those racks of jeans aren’t going to be lazily and purposelessly reorganized while you use them as a prop for your personal life gossip session themselves!

According to the article, Whitney had some trepidation about starting her own show, but she turned to the one person who everyone should always turn to for so much advice. Lauren:

“I’ve looked at Lauren’s career and all the wonderful things she’s been able to do and all the wonderful ways she’s been able to help people and I had a conversation with her that really made me confident with my ability to handle this,” said Port. “It’s very scary to have your whole life on camera but, in the end, I decided that it was an opportunity that I would live to regret if I didn’t take it.”

Transcript of that conversation after the jump.

Whitney: New show?
Lauren: Huh?
Whitney: Me new show?
Lauren: Latte.
Whitney: You have succeed, like, career, so, I think I want, you know, like, also, too.
Lauren: Yah.
Whitney: Yah.
Lauren: Yah.
Whitney: Friends!
Lauren: Huh?
Whitney: Yay!

Perfect. Lauren is so wise. Here’s a preview clip from the new show.

Life in the big city!