Lil Wayne’s “Mrs. Officer” Video Would Be Hotter If Lil Wayne Was Not A Homosexual

Homophobia is a huge thing in the African American and especially hip hop community, so it’s not like I don’t understand why Lil Wayne might be reticent about being open with his sexuality. So, he does what he has to. He had a baby! With a woman! Here he is rolling on a silk-sheeted bed with a beautiful would-be actress. Him and Bobby Valentino don’t even hug! Besides, this is a huge improvement in terms of masking one’s orientation from Lil Wayne’s previous use of police imagery in the marketing of his products:

(image via RealTalkNY)

WHOOPS ALL OVER AGAIN. I almost forgot about this condom ad, but thanks to Lil Wayne’s new video I totally remember it. Also haha. Also WHAT?