It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Socialized Laff Care

Last week, I really harped on the fact that Charlie and Dee are the best thing about this show, and that for the most part, Dennis and Mac and Danny DeVito I could do without. But come on, you guys aren’t idiots. You know. But one of you, grainybazzles, made an interesting point. Perhaps, grainybazzles hypothesized, if they split up Charlie and Dee then the show’s quality would become more consistent. A rising Charlie and Dee raises all of Mac and Dennis’s ships? But wait, what about Danny DeVito? Correct. What about Danny DeVito? In any case, this is exactly what happened last night, and I have to say, to grainybazzles and the It’s Always Sunny production team, “clever girl.”

After Dee has a heart attack but discovers that Danny DeVito canceled her health insurance when she was 9, her and Dennis join a gym, because “staying fit is the best insurance you can have.”

Meanwhile, Charlie and Mac get jobs as mailroom clerks for the health insurance benefits. Mac decides to hang out in someone’s office who’s away on vacation in the hopes of living out The Secret of My Succe$$, leaving Charlie on his own in the basement.

See, it’s just math. Two wrongs may not make a right, but one wrong and one right in each scene evens things out more. It’s like how Barack Obama wants to redistribute your wealth by taking all your money away and giving it to terrorists. Except in this case your money is Charlie and Dee and the terrorists are LAFFS!