Courting Condi: Buzz From Home Alone Wants To Get Married With Condoleezza Rice (What?)

You: Gabe, do you think they’ll ever make a documentary about Buzz from Home Alone going on a romantic quest to win the heart of Condoleezza Rice?
Me: Don’t be ridiculous. OF COURSE THEY WILL?

Courting Condi trailer, you guys:

(thanks for the tip, Otto)

One might make the argument that this is actually a documentary about Devin Ratray trying to improve his career. But what’s wrong with that? As long as this doesn’t get too My Date with Drew (If “documentaries” counted, I would end the Hunt right now because that is the worst movie ever made), good for him. Now where’s the kid who played Fuller and his Supersize Me-style documentary about going easy on the Pepsi?