Solving Your Halloween Weekend Ironic Camp Horror Viewing Party Crisis

The only thing that people love to do more on Halloween than dress up like the sexy version of someone’s profession/nightmare is to get together and watch horror movies. These viewing parties fall into two camps: the earnest “let’s turn off all the lights and try to actually get scared” camp, and the “fuck you, I’m drunk, LOLOL” camp. Personally, I tend to fall a bit more into the latter. I recognize that people genuinely enjoy horror movies and find them to be a decent outlet for their unexpressed anxieties or something, but I find that the world is a scary enough place, and leisure and entertainment and friendship, to me, generally involves not seeing anyone’s nipples getting shorn off with dull tools. Weird. I’m such a weirdo.

So, if you are in the first camp, I don’t know. See The Strangers for the third time or something. But if you’re looking for more of a “beer me, dude,” kind of a viewing party, might I suggest The Gingerdead Man? This movie is incredible! Think Leprechaun meets DELICIOUS COOKIES. With the vocal talent of Gary Busey. As an evil gingerbread cookie. Who kills people. You’re welcome.

Trailer after the jump, as if you haven’t already bought a copy on DVD.

So good. This movie almost makes me want to apologize to Hollywood for always telling it what a fuck up it is. Almost.