Would It Be Possible To Come Up With A More Ridiculous Name For A Show Than Cougar Town?

It’s being reported today that Courteney Cox will be starring in a new show on ABC, and that show is going to be called Cougar Town. From EW:

Here’s some good Dirt on Courteney Cox: The Friends actress is returning to the land of comedy with Cougar Town, an ABC pilot in which she stars as a hot 40-year-old mother who’s newly single.

Whoops, ABC, you called a show that. Whoops, Courteney Cox, that’s what your new show is called. Is it possible to even come up with a worse name? YES IT IS! And it has been done, after the jump.

  • Cold Vagina Mountain
  • Occasional Sex But Mostly A Lot Of Crying And The City
  • M.I.L.F.: Des Moines
  • Eagerest Beavers (UGH. Sorry. But also Cougar Town!?!)

You know what, those are all terrible titles. The difference, though, is that THOSE ARE NOT REAL. Cougar Town. Unbelievable sometimes this Hollywood.