The Children Of Darfur Cannot Wait For This Movie About Women Who Buy Too Many Shoes

You know what? We probably deserve it. Somehow this is totally our fault. From the THR:

NEW YORK — Galgos Entertainment, a Manhattan-based production outfit, has nabbed film and television rights to Beth Harbison’s comedic best-seller “Shoe Addicts Anonymous” from St. Martin’s Press.

The novel, which hit the New York Times best-seller list this spring, follows a support group for shoe addicts that quickly entangles four of its female members in each other’s complicated lives.

A support group for shoe addicts. Right. Where’s my gun? I know I put my gun around here somewhere. Oh, there it is! It was in my mouth the whole time.

The children of Darfur say “we relate to this movie because we are addicted to buying shoes made out of used two liter bottles and animal intestine.”