Let’s Burn Science To The Ground

I’ve been saying that we need to burn the internet to the ground for years. Did you see this story last week about a husband who hacked his wife to death with a meat cleaver after she changed her Facebook status to ‘single’? Horrible. Correction: the most horrible. All we need to do is pull the plug and walk away. We just send Neo into the mainframe broom closet with Kentucky Fried Chicken, and end it.

But I realize now that I’ve been railing against the ends when I should have been railing against the means. It’s not just the internet that is the problem and the danger. It’s all of science. And if we burn science to the ground, hopefully the internet will go up in flames with it. Because not only did science create this magical, revolutionary tool of interpersonal communication and the instantaneous worldwide distribution of grandma fart videos, it also created this.


(Nightmare via GetThatLook)