Kathy Geiss From 30 Rock Was On Sex And The City

Kathy (or possibly “Cathy”, the internet isn’t sure) Geiss, the “special” lady who was installed by her gay husband Devon (Will Arnett) as chairwoman of GE in the last season of 30 Rock, plays a big role on tonight’s premiere episode (which you probably know, because you probably watched it online already.) A really big role. A really hilarious role. Kathy is played by the actress Marceline Hugot, who has played mostly nurses on TV and in films going back to the ’80s, and her Kathy Giess role seems to be her biggest yet. Yay! But also, she was in that Sex And The City episode where the gals went to Staten Island, and I found the clip!

I actually remember this episode well, as it also contained a Samantha/firefighter sex scene that remains emotionally traumatizing to this day. (Never forget.) Anyway, this post is an example of how deeply, pathologically obsessed with 30 Rock we should all be by now. Be sure to do your part to give it big ratings tonight! YES WE CAN keep 30 Rock on the air.