Long Weekend: Finally, The Montauk Monster Movie We’ve Been Waiting For

Oh man, HAHAHAHAHA, the new trailer for Long Weekend, a horror movie about a couple who go to a pretty beach, and then they litter, and then animals attack them. And it co-stars something clearly based on THE MONTAUK MONSTER! Please just watch this:

(Yes, I know it’s a remake of a 1978 film of the same name, but that trailer is hilarious.) So many things! It’s like The Beach meets The Happening. It uses that Enigma song that’s used in every trailer to evoke the beauty of nature. It has a Koala or something (?) cackling menacingly at the end. I wonder if the whole time they were filming this James Caviezel was like “I can’t believe I went from playing Jesus to starring in a feature-length anti-littering PSA.”