Wait, Borat Is In A Get Out The Vote Ad? BORAT?!!!1!!1!

The celebrities can’t stop making their get out the vote ads. That’s fine. Leave them to it. It gets boring having cocaine brunch next to the champagne fountain every morning. Sometimes you just want to get out there and DO something, you know? But this latest ad in Leonardo DiCaprio’s series of “that will never work reverse psychology tell them not to vote because somehow that’s clever?” ads in which all of them, all the celebs, every single one, is featured talking about the importance of voting, kind of feels like the last straw. Like, Zach Braff and Julia Roberts? Really? This is still 2008, right? The whole Earth didn’t accidentally fall into a time machine (“we’re gonna need a bigger time machine”) and get taken back to whenever those two mattered, did it? Well, at least there’s Shia LaBeouf and Jason Segel. Those guys are on the cutting edge of being famous! But BORAT? Nothing says “politics is important and civic engagement is a privilege not a right” like a worn out character from 2006.

(via HuffingtonPost)

Is the problem that they couldn’t get Dave Chappelle to say “I’m Rick James, get out and vote, bitch!”? Is that what the problem is? It is ridiculous that Borat is in this ad. You know what else is ridiculous? The way Harrison Ford and Ben Stiller look. Looks like someone fell into the time machine going the wrong way. Where they’re going they don’t need roads, but their faces look like roads, what? OK, I’m done.